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[Infusion Idea] PirateBox


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Three's a project going where you can flash one of 3 routers and then they can be used as a private network with a built in website, (instant chat, a notice board a forum, file sharing etc) but with no internet, I know I can do similar with the Pineapple but its the web interface that I want to run (Is this Possible). where I live there's probably be 10-12 mates within range of my pineapple and it also has other interesting. uses e.g. A school class can all log on to the tutors network, it can be used at a concert or party where all the guests can upload photo's and many many other use interesting uses.

Would it be possible to get there website which I think is open source and just get it running on the Pineapple or would a new infusion need to be made.


I know its not exactly pen testing but it could be useful


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Well piratebox is made for the tp link mr3020. It has a 400mhz cpu which is the same as a pineapple.

Piratebox uses a form of dnsspoof in order to redirect everyone to piratebox.lan.

Now I could be wrong but I think it may be alittle heavy for the pineapple, on top of that piratebox is its own .img. its' configuration might mess things up for the pineapple. I would instead try linking and then forwarding traffic from one to the other.


But now that I think about it. You could probably pull the files from folder pbIMG_ws.img create a folder for your shared content on the SD card. Link everything together, Then use dns spoof to forward all traffic to piratebox files.

So it's possible but I would talk with Seb and Matthias first to find out the exact steps so you don't mess anything up.

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