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Setup pineapple to demo Android/iOS browser pwning - verify what pineapple can do for me.


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i want to test and demo pwning of mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

i googled a lot and found a recent example:

can i achieve the same thing using Pineapple only?

right now i am trying to get Kali machine + beef + metasploit working with that module without success (that specific vulnerability).

i found in the forum there's something named JasagerPwn that contains beef:

but don't know if this is an updated infusion or if it was replaced with other infusion.

bottom line - is there an infusion or setup with Pineapple that can operate beef against browsers of mobile devices and let me run exploits and to be specific the UXSS demo shown in the movie?

will be happy to get your inputs and redirection what is the needed setup i need to focus on?

more general questions - what else do you think i can demo on mobile phones/browsers? keylogger?
i am looking for something with an affect - visual or sound that can be an action i decide what is the timing (not redirecting to a page that will play wav file).

thank you very much!

pineapple is so cool - can't wait to understand how deep i can use it

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