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Wifi Boosters


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Start reading here. On the next page I provide 3 links to similar Alibaba offerings for various amounts of amplification power I was considering. Those offerings may since have ceased, but can provide a starting point for similar devices.

In general, these devices increase signal strength (regardless of direction) within their specific frequency range, but doing so requires a comparatively significant amount of power so they get fairly hot. Keep that in mind when you consider your intended application. Obviously, more watts means more amplification but also more heat.

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Also, the more you deviate from a single "stock" MKV the greater the irrelevance/inappropriateness of the pineapple.

If you don't need a small, low cost, battery powered WiFi device with multiple in-built radios then a laptop with, for example, kali, decent external radios etc is orders of magnitude more useful and appropriate.

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