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client mode not working


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I purchased a WiFi pineapple about a year ago and I still can't seem to get client mode to work consistently.

Ive been holding out on posting in the hopes a firmware update would fix my problems but to no avail.

Here's what I have to do after every reboot on order for client mode to work.

1. Reset system defaults

2. Configure client mode & connect to internet

3. Perform firmware update ( over the air or from SD card)

4. Reconfigure client mode

5. Reboot

6. Client mode not working anymore

Please help I've been patiently waiting for to long and I am starting to pull my hair out of this...

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No-one can offer any advice on this? What am I missing?

To clarify I can only get my pineapple to connect to a wireless network on its first boot after any rebooting I have to re-flash the firmware...

Surely there has to be any easier way.

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Had no problems here with the client mode.

Soemthing in your logs ? Use "logread -f" on the shell and check the output.

Or try the AP mode with your smartphone for a second test.

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