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I think I need a tablet for work. Signing documents My first real question


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I print documents like crazy is it okay to use a tablet or a wacom thingy hooked to my laptop. There is another signature thing to I cant remember what it is called. There are apps for android and I devices to sign pdfs. I know a funeral home I setup pc;s for used them. Does anyone use a system like this? This would be a huge time saver no more scanning documents. I do other things to besides it stuff take pictures of things for insurance companies. You guys should look into this it is easy. This could make life easier and de clutter my office.

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I absolutely despise setups like this. Well, it's not that I despise the setup, but more the fact that signatures are accepted in this manner. I'm starting to see more and more places doing this. If it weren't for the ease of forgery and modification afterwards, I wouldn't really have a problem with it. It's not against the businesses that employ tools like these, but against anyone who would accept one of these documents as valid. I also have some problem with organizations that would support accepting these documents as valid, so ignore the first part of my last sentence.

Sorry, I know I really didn't answer your question, I had to get that out. It's just one of my peeves.

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I would check the laws on digital signatures, i do some work with law firms and they have a similar setup from a unit they bought from Xerox. However it appears that in some cases it completely acceptable and in other cases requires a physical signature in accompany of the digital signature. Then i have been informed that in some cases its acceptable for the person providing the work/ or selling an item but the recipient of the services or item need to actually sign in ink.

This might help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_signatures_and_law

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