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Oldschool Ducky (80's to 90's)


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So, I was looking at the Ducky part of the site. I realized that when they talked about HID being the human interface that this product is similar to an old "parental" spy device I found back in the 80's & 90's. Before the USB Keyboard. There used to ba an extender that would open a program on your desktop,usually notepad.exe, whenever you used the predetermined key-combination from the vendor. It would then display all keypresses that it could hold in it's memory, of which, at that time, about 5 megs or so.

The device was a ps2 device that plugged into the end of the keyboard and looked like an extender of the keyboard plugin. Which is relative in explanation/comparison to the electrical cord plugin extender. You know. The kind that were usually use when you only had a 3 prong cord and needed an adapter that turned it into a 2 prong cord because the outlet didn't have a ground input?

Anyhow. My question is, in part, is it possible the ducky came from this? or the idea might have been born from this? and if not, does anyone out there have the old extender/keylogger? or has had one?

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You mean a key logger?

I suppose they are vaguely related (one is intercepting and logging keystrokes, one is issuing them) and you could - by no means trivially easily - do the same thing with a ducky alternative like a teensy by embedding it into a keyboard.

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