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Pineapple Question


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Just curious is there any legality issues using it just to watch whats going on a network.

All I want to do is see what information is coming in and out of my network. I know you can use wireshark but what makes the pineapple different?

Also how user friendly is it?

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You would have to check your local laws or speak with a lawyer. It is considered a "wire-tap". As long as it is your own network, and potential users on your network are notified in a documented way that their traffic may be subject to monitoring, may be okay. For example a captive portal "Your Internet activities are being monitored, type "Yes" in the box and click "OK" to agree to these terms" kind of thing. IANAL (I Am Not A Lawyer).

Depending on the network setup, wireshark will not be able to see all traffic in a switched network. The pineapple is meant to be the in-between to see all traffic.

It's about as user friendly as it comes.

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