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SDR Listen to Audio Conversations?

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It seems that most posts on here are in regard to tracking flights. However, the post I'm quoting below refers to listening to audio. Is this possible using the HAK5 Software Defined Radio kit? If so, how? I don't care about only listening to military aircraft. I'm curious to hear any aircraft conversations. Thanks!


I also do a ton of listening on the Military Bands using 12+ scanners to search the bands, heres a pic:


If you're interested in what you can really hear (rarely does the miltiary encrypt during training missions) here's a liberary of audio I've recorded from my local area: http://www.milaircomms.com/audio_library.html I've got some pretty funny stuff recorded such as an F-15 pilot loosing his contact lens in flight, F-15 pilot opening a can of Coke in flight (you actually can hear it!) to training missions of AWACS directing fighters to targets.

I just thought I'd share what I've been doing with Mode-S / ADSB since there's been a lot of shows on the subject.


George - Daytona Beach, FL


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