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We all deal with goofy paranoid crazy computer users.


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I had a paranoid lady that went through a divorce and was convinced her x was spying on her. From research and past experience with people this tends to point towards substance abuse or Obsessive compulsive disorder. Even some other problem up stairs. I just try to show them what is going on. Show them how to use dban and run a dell recovery cd. Give them the option to use ubuntu or another flavor of linux. Told her how routers block traffic. My goal was to try to get her to be a normal computer users. Thank you for mentioning TOR. Hell I even mentioned winpcap and wireshark and NMAP so if she gets an IP address of someone she can create a log.

Cooper and the rest of you are AWESOME


p.s my friends say is you fender strat WIFI yet or can this ethernet cable plug into your tele.

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The key issue is juniper and seven vpn are installing themselves. My laptop is stuck in airplane mode after I reloaded the dell cd. People are installing stuff on y computer ah what do I do. This is after I overwrote the hard drive with 0's and did the re-load. If she has a problem after running the ubuntu live cd the issue is up stairs.

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