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[Infusion Idea] Whatsapp Discover


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Hi there!

I just got my hand on the Hak5 toys today, i'm very exited to try to creat new infusion help and learn with the community,

how does the infusions work? are they based on any language, python, perl, ruby, php?

Sorry for the noob question but I jump right over here before trying to research more and I will once this is posted..

So, I've beeing playing with the FruityWifi project for a few months and xtr4ange have some new cool modules in his project that I would like to port it to my brand new Wifi Pineapple mark V

Woud it be easy to port this module to a infusion?


Thanks and Cheers!

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You can write your infusion in any language you want to but if you are going to use the web interface for your UI then you will need to write that in HTML, Javascript and PHP. Alternatively you can have command line only infusions.



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