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#Microstop Microsoft is attacking youtubers


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Microsoft is attacking youtubers now filing copy-right complaints against videos (seemingly critical reviews) saying its an "anti-piracy campaign" which doesn't make much sense because a video of microsoft windows can not be downloaded and then turned into software, if it was a tutorial showing people how to pirate windows I could understand that but its not.

Eli the Computer Guy explains what's going on best.


Since most of us have already given microsoft the middle finger, is it getting about time we turn to google and give them the middle finger for complying with this copyright BS? Also its time to make a new, non-commercialized video platform in my opinion.

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You know that nasty 4-letter curse-word called "DMCA"? It's the reason Google/Youtube *MUST* act this way. If they don't *THEY THEMSELVES* are liable for any damages.

Make no mistake about it, I thoroughly distrust Google. They're the best search engine I could hope for and I'm a big fan of their maps, but the rest of their shit gets actively blocked, their cookies get snuffed out and their ads blocked. Just the sheer fact that they have to have "Don't do evil" as a mantra means they're in a position to do a *LOT* of evil and I don't believe they aren't already doing it. I don't trust them further than I can spit.

But in this case it's not Google/Youtube being the dicks. They have a process and what they should now be eminating is the message that Microsoft, through the unwise actions of some nobody company that will soon be insolvent, abused the abuse process and because of this all reported violations by this company will be struck, all videos will be reinstated, all funds will go back to their rightful earners and we're going to thoroughly review our abuse process to ensure something like this doesn't happen again.

Until they do something like this (mention the "abused the abuse process" bit at least), I can't blame anybody for thinking Google/Youtube are in on it or are simply being complacent. You don't need 3 days to find a lawyer to argue that this carpet-bombing of critical youtube videos under false pretense is a good reason to turn things around and, for this complainer, go the review-then-block route.

As for Eli... I'm sorry but boo fucking hoo. People can get fired any day of the week for any reason imaginable. That's why you set aside some funds for that rainy day.

No it's not fair. No, you don't wish that sort of thing on anybody. And no, you'll be wise to never, EVER forget that this happened and who's to blame for it. But shit happens. Deal with it.

It's like being the guy who double-mortgage his house to buy stocks since they only go up, and then suddenly the market crashes, he loses his house and it's the fault of everybody else. No it's not. That's what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket: if that basket gets dropped, you're screwed. And the only person to blame is the one in the mirror.

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