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data over (old) pager frequency ?


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This might be a crazy idea but I am wondering if anyone thought about this.

Pagers are almost extinct nowadays but pagers services still available (as long as doctors are around).

Wifi/LTE/3G/4G have many advantage over a pager service but a pager service is cheap, reliable, and signal travels far more distance. So I am wondering if anyone thought about sending data though paging service?

To be clear, I am not looking send big data, maybe for sending small data, (like pinging or beacon system).

Any thought or information? I think this might be a interesting project.

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One thing to consider is the the Pager Network is clear text, so you would have to do encryption at the application level

You can transmit small pieces of data/beacons. And there are software libraries and pagers that can hook into computers.

Pagers do have awesome coverage but remember pagers a single broadcast and if the receiver is out of range it will never see that page. It is simplex the receivers have no method to talk back or acknowledge.

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