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UNetbootin stuck at 9%


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I've used UNetbootin lots of times to make up a Live USB with Kali and it's always worked fine. Sometimes with large Distros like Kali it takes a while as the files extract to the USB, I've had some Distros stick at certain percentage for quite a while before they extracted and moved to the next files. Most of the time the Distro will either have the big files at the start or end of the .iso, sometimes, very rarely it'll be in the middle. I'd say to give it another try and just be patient, depending on your computer it may take a few minutes to get the USB stick made up.

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I think I have done better with image writter for ubuntu to late to remember actualy set one up 3 hours ago. It to is not the right or best way. The command line way works better and is good to have in case you need to make a windows usb bootable installer. That is faster than a cd any way. I find booting from the cd works better when you have issues uefi.

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