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Ideas for possible hardware hacks?


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I know there are sites like instructables or hackaday, but maybe some of you have ideas for possible hardware hacks.

Stuff already re-purposed:
- mainboards -> desoldered serial, parallel port and other useful parts
- badly crimped ethernet cable -> Used the good plug to build a small loopback cable

Stuff I need your ideas:
- PCMCIA Sierra Wireless GPRS & GSM AirCard 750
- ISDN phone ascom Eurit 30
- PCMCIA WP221P Wireless Lan 802.11b cards
- PCMCIA 56k Fax-Modem V.90 cards

- PCMCIA Ultron UF 300 3 port Firewire card
- D-Link DI-524 802.11g Wireless router
- Longshine Ethernet Switch 8 Port LCS FS6168B
- bunch of old RAM, cables (VGA, Parallel printer, ide, ps/2 extensions, ps/2 mouse/keyboard combi), cd drives, pci 10/100 mbit ethernet cards

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I once saw an image of a notebook (like, paper and a ring band) where the hard covers were made out of cleaned up circuit board. All the traces were still there but the components were removed.

I thought it looked cool...

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