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need help running script! Any takers?


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he doesn't go into great detail.

but the errors i'm receiving

root@kali:~# ./neo.sh
/bin/bash: while [ true ] do echo -e;clear sleep 3 echo "T" sleep 1 echo -e;clear echo "Th" sleep 1 echo -e;clear echo "The" s: No such file or directory

is files not found.

but yeah that shit looks great, i love that it actually gives real information and is not just some BS that looks cool.

Edit: excuse my mistakes, on my fifth shot and these keys are starting to mix up between one another.lol

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What window manager is that guy using? Rat Poison? That looks awesome

He wrote that himself on top of Compiz. There's 4 youtube videos showing it off, but since those were put up in the summer of 2012 and there's not a lot of noise from it since, I'm guessing he's moved on? I can't find any download links to the code so I'm guessing he never chose to release his work.

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I don't have time tonight, but I'll give it a run through tomorrow and see if I can't hash out the issues.

I have a feeling it's simply that he ran it all together when it was probably originally on separate lines. Bash executes based on line breaks. If you're going to run it all into one line, you need to end each code segment with a semi-colon.

I'll report back tomorrow night if someone doesn't beat me to it.

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