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need cool linux games.


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Linux Native

Battle For Wesnoth

Warzone 2100

Kentucky Route Zero




0 A.D.



FreeCiv (not as good as Civilization, but still fun)

Using WINE (so, most games that play on Windows)


Starcraft II (requires some setup for Battle.net)

Diablo 2

Diablo 3 (requires some setup for Battle.net)

Warcraft 3

Child of Light (requires some setup for uPlay)

Most Valve games


While this is nowhere near a complete list, this is a good start at some fun gameplay.

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apt-cache search emulator

Nintendo, Nintendo 64, sega, PlayStation, xbox

I used to mess around with roms and emulators... I think you can play contra Online with friends with the right emulator...

Mortal combat

Bubble bobble

Concers bad fur day

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When someone first introduced me to Linux in the early 90's I laughed at them, b/c there was absolutely NOTHING written for the OS.  Now, I look at what's available, and I am impressed!

I have a Steam account with over 200 games.  When I booted up Linux Mint and ran Steam, I was very pleased ot see how many of my games will run on Linux as well.

Kerbal Space Program

Torchlight II

Starcraft II ???  Yay!!!!!

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They came out with the Steam Machines last year they run a off a Debian-based Linux operating system, So I think it's safe to say most of the popular games will be imported over to run off Linux.

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