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Sftp vs dedicated circuit.


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I know I am in left field. I am wondering about this because I some accts i service use billing software. Right now they use dialup or T1. The current software is buggy it hangs on dialup and they have to resubmit. I spend hours troubleshooting. If it is setup right with sftp I think it will work better. What do you think. As it stands it does not work with a phone line on a cable modem "digital voice". It is spotty over the line connected to dsl. This is a type of edi software.

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Sounds more like shitty connections rather than protocol issues. Unless the app uses UDP over that connection (which would've been a monumentously poor design choice) the packets simply aren't flowing. Using SFTP only results in additional overhead because of the included encryption (which isn't part of your problem description) so more/bigger packets that will have just as hard a time to get to their destination. Plus, SFTP only transfers files. I get the impression that your billing app requires some sort of data entry rather than just 'plunk that file there and move on'. If my impression is correct, you want a secure tunnel for the data transfer. In the case of UDP that might help since I believe secure tunnels are TCP regardless what you tunnel over them. Do note that if you try to do this using SSH, you're essentially granting your accounts a valid user account on your entry point, which might require a bit of scrutiny on that machine. Clamp it down a notch or two to make sure no bright spark gets any ideas.

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