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Re-learning Windows and linux on a mac using parallels?


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I have a tall order to fill.

I have a Macbook Pro 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, 8gb 1600 MHz DDR3, osX 10.9.5.

Currently I have portioned the hard drive and run Windows on Boot Camp. I use this mainly for simple Solidworks drawings.

What I would like to do is remove the partition and run Parallels software so I can run VM Windows and linux os.

The goal is to get back into learning about windows and linux and hopefully begin a career change.

Any thoughts and recommendations would be very much appreciated.

I didn't want to have buy another machine for Windows and another for Linux.

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I personally prefer vmware fusion over parallels. I'm a programmer professionally and my job requires me to be in windows (which I really dont like being in but what can you do?) and also in linux for a few things so I virtualize them both on my OSX machines. My boss uses parallels and has a crap load of issues with linux running properly in it. So check out vmware fusion its like $50 for the license.

To delete the partition you are going to want to open up disk utility and delete it from within there its pretty easy to do. Heres a tutorial.

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My question to you would be what does removing the bootcamp stuff have to do with starting to use vmware and what not? Okay, sure, both require diskspace. Spend a few bob on an external HD that's either USB3.0 or Thunderbolt-connected and you should get decent performance as you try your luck with the new endeavour. If all else fails, you still have a useful external HD to play with.

Before any good free virtual machines were available for Linux I got my work to pony up the license fee for VMWare Workstation because even back then I outright refused to run Windows on my machine solely because work decided Microsoft Visual Source Safe was the bees knees when it came to version control software. I must admit that even back then their product impressed me. I've always been running self-compiled kernels and their kernel module almost invariably worked with even the very latest of kernels.

I'd been using their product until about... 2009 I think. If the quality of their offerings hasn't deteriorated I can assure you it'll be well worth the money.

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No problem! I'm sure you won't be disappointed with VMWare, windows and linux run like they are on the physical hardware in it its crazy

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