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ATT Beam 340u


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.The AC340U is a LTE USB modem for AT&T and works as a regular modem, meaning it does not offer routing capability nor does it support NAT (Network Address Translation) nor have a Web UI. Its default mode is to support Auto Connect in the firmware, as well as has Identity Morphing to support native Windows 8 MBIM (mobile broadband interface model). Linux does not work with this Windows 8 MBIM Identity Morphing feature, so you need to turn it off for using the device in Linux.

MBIM has been disabled and I installed the Gobi-Net and Gobi-Serial drivers for Linux to use the aircard. Now I would like to use the aircard on my pineapple. Could I get pointed in the write direction for this? I've searched the forums but failed to find a decent answer on how togo about this.



AC341U NAT mode

AC341U IPT mode

AT port name




Enumerates as

Network interface (usbx or ethx)

Network interface (usbx or ethx)

Network interface (usbx or ethx)

AT command to switch to this mode










USB vid/pid

VID/PID 1199/9051

VID/PID 1199/9055

VID/PID 1199/9057

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