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source code for pineAP


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where can I get a copy of the source code for the PineAP

what I want tot try to do is to write a patch that when a entry is detected, it triggers the patch script.

The plan.

Use wireshark to capture the wifi traffic between my samsung tablet app that control my samsung wifi camera to take a photo.

then write a script to send that trigger by wifi, to control my Wifi camera to take a photo

the idea, which I mention before in a post about wifi wardiving about a year ago, is to capture a image of anyone coming into the capture range of the Mk5 running PineAP, kind of camera trap.


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I don't really know & not sure of what I'll say to you. :)

But IMO the source code of the Pineapple it's almost "closed source" otherwise the PHP code from Seb (@ github) is open.
The only thing I know it's a shake of PHP PYTHON BASH RUBY mainly.

(using tools from Kali with compatiblity to OpenWRT (like aircrack-ng, airmong-ng, kistmet, mdk3, nmap, etc...)

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What happens behind the web interface is written in C and for right now the source code is not available because if it where then companies could make karma un-effective again faster. Thats not to say that in the future the source code wont be available.

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Come on, the PineAP "suite" is pretty basic stuff (who on earth would have thought of storing stuff in a database and also brute forcing beacons! Oh wait, that is what I was already doing and predicted months ago!). It doesn't take an infosec genius to reverse engineer the operation of the app so any "security by obscurity" argument is just plain nonsense.

What we have is an example of the injustice to the user community done by closed source software and yet another example of the lack of openness with respect to source of the WiFi Pineapple project. See my previous posts for further examples.

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I understand the need to keep the core secret for time being, I just see some potential, and would like to add a way to trigger an extenal source, whether it is by the hardware interface, or by executing a script,, so that I can play with trying to trigger a camera everytime an entry is captured in pineAp.

If not the source, then how we could achieve the same result.

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You could do it in a similar set up in which I did a small proof of concept: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/31961-arduino-pineapple-led-matrix/

In this case it would be easier to use a Raspberry Pi with a camera module:

- Connect the serial interfaces on the Pineapple and the Raspberry

- Write a shell script on the Pineapple that writes something to /dev/tty/ATH0 when someone connects or is in range (for instance grep on a probe or connect in the karma log)

- Have a small (python) program watch the serial port for that command you'll send in the step above

- Take a picture

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Thanks for the info Sailor.

That sounds like an option that I can play with, and may do what I am trying to do.

We will see if I can make it work.

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