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The Independent 'Cyber crime threat: First online murder will happen by end of year, warns US firm'.


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Yes, I am already working on the code that triggers both the door locks and the halon systems at any given data center.

Then there's also the "updated" GPS route software.


In all seriousness, it's mostly Luddite fear mongering.

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Yeah that article is just trying to scare people but vendors should take the security of their products more seriously. But just because an attacker could make some ones heart fail doesnt mean that they would, I don't think cyber criminals (even 16 year old script kiddies) are going to go around making life support equipment fail at random for the LOLz if it were to happen it would be someone targeting someone and most people that want to kill someone would probably just shoot them. The whole "its going to happen by the end of the year" crap really bothers me. It sounds like they are saying "hackers are out to kill you get ready". I'm personally not worried at all, but then again I'm not attached to any life support equipment.

Also why is this post under the USB rubber ducky topic?

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