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1st time in the USA!


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So it's official! I'm finally travelling stateside for my company from the UK.

So I'm curious to know if anyone has any good recommendations for a reliable temporary PAYG SIM card I can use for the week in my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, while I'm working. Mostly I need one for data but I will probably be making half a dozen or so calls too.

I'm on a 4G SIM plan here that's faster than a lot of people's home broadband over the pond from what I gather.

I'm going to be in Maryland.

Anyway, any helpful advice would be much appreciated.


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T-Mobile has a no contract that may work for you pretty well. Just check your coverage in your area.

Verizon has awesome coverage, but is CDMA so it wont work for you.

AT&T is the only other big company option when it comes to GSM. There are other smaller networks that piggyback on the larger networks that may work out better. I have always had Verizon.

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Cheers guys,

Thanks for the info!

I'll probably try and get the StraightTalk deal while I'm over.

I'm gonna be staying just outside Baltimore, so I'll try and buy a sim in Washington When I fly in this weekend.

Thanks again.

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