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Providing internet via ethernet connection


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Hoping someone can direct me to a link that explains how to deliver internet service via the pineapple's Ethernet connection. Is this possible? I'd like to plug a network cable into my pineapple, and have it pull a DHCP IP address, then through internal routing/configuration, redistribute internet access via one of the WiFi ports.

Alternatively, I guess I could plug an Ethernet cable into my laptop, then share my connection via the built in WiFi adaptor, then pick up internet via one of the pineapple's WiFi connections.

......and maybe I'm missing something here. Hoping someone can offer a little direction.



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Since the pineapples firmware is based off of OpenWRT their documentation on everything works great.


That should point you in the right direction

Also I do believe that there are plans for this to be baked into the firmware coming up in some future release. Seb will confirm that or correct me if I am wrong I am sure

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