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A Call to Arms! Lets help out a well known community member


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3) Cooper - you stated, "He's clearly making his videos for profit." Let me make this clear. I do what I do because I love doing it.

The exact quote was "He's clearly making his videos for profit (or trying to, and rightfully so I might add)." which was a lead-in to wondering why, since some revenue is generated, you didn't appear more upset about it. It was 'clearly' because I found a youtube comment of yours (can't find it anymore - probably gone with the associated video) where you requested someone to take down your video from their channel because you yourself said you were monetizing the video.

People should stop being so fussy about the concept of making money or, god forbid, profit on the internet. If all parties end up getting what they want, what's the problem?

Also, I am not saying "Well, that part of my life is now gone. Thanks for nothing Youtube". I have no intentions of quitting. Those who know me, know where to find me. They know who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

The "part of [your] life" I referenced was the time where you would use youtube as a platform for your videos, rather than making the videos in the first place.

I also ended that paragraph with "a bit more passionate fury would've been warranted", and I still think it is. I have never seen any video you made (but based on other peoples' comments it would appear I've been missing out) nor do I recall ever conversing with you. It might be that

but the impression I was and still am getting is that you're not particularly interested in Youtube reversing their verdict. You're disappointed with them and probably rightfully so, but if something like this happens and the only public thing you do about it is write a somewhat defeatist snippet on Google Plus, do you really expect people to give Youtube an earfull on your behalf?

I honestly hope you find a new home for your videos that manages to be at least equally motivating, both financially as well as from the viewer interaction and I wish you the very best with your other endeavours.

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Why did I subtract "(or trying to, and rightfully so I might add)" from your statement? Whether or not you agree that I should earn a profit is irrelevant (don't interpret that as an insult - I value everyone's opinion). You placed emphasis on the financial component, implying that I'm primarily motivated by financial gain. This isn't true. In fact, my videos haven't been monetized since July. Money doesn't drive me. My viewers drive me. The discussions and compliments drive me. The need to help people find solutions drives me. The numbers drive me. You may not understand this but, when I lost my channel, I lost a big part of myself. I know, I know... I'm sensitive.

You said "It might be that

but the impression I was and still am getting is that you're not particularly interested in Youtube reversing their verdict."

I think we can find a common ground here. I agree that I didn't leverage social media to its full capacity. Bad habit. Let's consider that a valuable lesson learned. However, I didn't give up... and I wasn't going to give up. I sent an email to YouTube and Google every morning. I tried calling every phone number I could find. I tracked down YouTube and Google employees, and contacted them. I reached out to my friends, family, and business contacts all over the world. Then, I called on the people who I've helped. I almost drove to the YouTube headquarters in San Mateo. I know, I wouldn't been escorted out of the building by security. A risk I was willing to take.


Ultimately, I was offended by the statements made by Zarabyte, not you. I just didn't want people to get the impression that I only care about money.

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Thanks to all of my supporters and friends, we have achieved or goal (and much more). I received notification from YouTube that my channel has been reinstated.

I will post my final thoughts and gratitude later today.

Thank you all for standing by me... this wouldn't have happened without you.

...And thanks to those of you who doubted and criticized me. Your involvement was equally important in gaining YouTube's attention.

For now, here is a link to my channel: http://hackersed.com


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