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Advance Birdcage


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The problem I see with all these devices is power. Now, the birdcage has an advantage: It has a flat(tish) roof surface.

So the best advancement to this or any similar project that I can think of would be to include a solar panel which would charge the battery and greatly extend the time that you can leave the device unattended. Hell, you could make a slightly BIGGER (on the outside) birdhouse, actually allow some birds to make use of it too although the inside of the house would be smaller as there would still be a closed-off section in which the hardware is housed. It would allow you more surface for the solar panel on top.

One tricky bit about the bird house with a solar panel on top though. Ever park your car under a tree for a day? Did you notice the windscreen at the end of the day? All that pollen and resin and dirt is going to effect the efficiency of the panel. Still, I'd consider it a really cool project. I could hang one up outside to a building or whatever and thus have an outdoor network device to play with.

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It's an outdoor listening post. It will pick up whatever you tell it to so long as it's able to acquire the data. So yeah, if it's unencrypted and on a channel the pineapple is tuned to, there's no reason for it not to.

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