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Thoughts on building your own Android ROM?


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I'll probably end up talking lots about this over on the XDA developers forum, but I figured I'd ask in familiar territory first.

Did anybody here ever have a go at building their own Android ROM for their phone or tablet, from source?

I'm asking because I'm planning to have a go at building an Android 4.4/KitKat ROM for my cheap-ass tablet. That thing only came with Android 4.2. Since the device only has 512 MB ram and KitKat was specifically designed to run well on anything with 512 or over, I figured I might as well have a go at it. Should be a good learning experience...

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The chip on this is an ATM7021, which is a dual-core ARMv9. Getting something running on that is a walk in the park - it's half an Odroid.

Tablets which are rediculously similar are the Ainol Novo 8 apparently. At least for the main chip that equation seems to fit.

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