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Pineapple very hot


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Since the latest firmware update my pineapple has been getting very hot. I have some adapters for each wifi antenna which puts a little bit of metal between the actual antenna and the pineapple, at the moment I'm sitting in a car with the windows open and the bits of metal are too hot to touch. This is a little worrying and it can't be much good for the device either. The pineapple is running on the pineapple juice pack that came with it.

I was thinking of maybe attaching a low powered fan but this would probably shorten the battery life a substantial amount.

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The mention of adapters may be a clue. If you have a mismatched impedance between pineapple and whatever the antenna is, you'll get what's called VSWR, usually caused by transmitting into an antenna that is not matched in frequency to the transmitter. Basically, signal is being reflected back to radio instead of going out antenna, and classic system is heat. Are your antennas known to be 2.4/5 GHz and in good repair? If not, you can fry the Pineapple. The forums have a fair amount of users wanting to put all kinds of weird antennas into play, but they must be made for the Pineapple's frequencies or you are really asking for trouble.

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