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Problem with new Alfa AWUS036H and kali 1.0.9


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Problem with new Alfa AWUS036H and kali 1.0.9

first I purchsed this from amazon not hakstore :( sorry guys.

Alfa Awus036H Upgraded To 1000Mw 1W 802.11B/G High Gain Usb Wireless Long-Rang Wifi Network Adapter With 5Dbi Rubber Antenna And A 7Dbi Panel - For Wardriving & Range Extension

Ok the problem is when i use aireplay-ng it crashes my mon0 or kills airmon-ng one or the other what ever.

I have read that i need to install compat-wireless or build a new kernel and patch it with aircrack-ng patches.

I have compat-wirless installed works but slow.

so how do i build the kernel and patch it with the required patches mac80211.

oh my system is a duel quad core intel i7 2.4Ghz

12 gig ram 1 gig hdd touch screen and intel shared video

and kali 1.0.9 on steel

I have black listed the rtl8188ee as it would work for aircrack-ng but would crash every now and then.

it would be cool if you did a video as i have read that i am not the only person dealing with this.

just the correct wy to setup the wifi device please

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You're using the word 'crash' a number of times. What, specifically, do you mean by that? What do you get on the screen?

As for problems during use, what commands are you issueing that result in the unwanted situation? What in terms of output did you expect and what did you actually get?

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well i can't reproduce it now i have installed compat-wireless .

But after i would start airmon-ng start wlan2 then mon0 is up

then airodump will run for like a second then mon0 dies and the wifi unit restarts and then mon0 is just gone. aireplay-ng -9 -a E4:F4:00:00:00 mon0 this also will reboot the wifi unit.

I have ran airodump-ng-oui-update.

but what I have read was that i need to recompile the kernel with aircrack patches or mac80211 and blacklist my rtl8187 so there is no conflicts.

I would rather install the patches but i have found no instruction on this.

here is the info i found


Oh and thanx for the quick reply

Im not looking to actualy hack anything but is a skill i find interesting.

My neighbors are still safe lol

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:smile: FIXED :smile:

It was the damn usb cable cheap i guess it was the same as my PS3 USB cable swapped them and boom works perfect.

Again thanks for the reply.

Everything I had read, said kali has prebuilt kernel mods for this adapter but nothing on the cable being low powered .


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