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Rubber Ducky VS Shielducky - no more quack!

Alex Torres

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Hello , my name is Alejandro Torres (torrescrack) , today i came to talk about a very simple tool that i haved developed. A couple of months ago i met a famous ¨USB Rubber Ducky¨ (Thnx Darren), during my free time i did some try outs with this magnificent tool of physical security and i also observed the dangerous it could be, throwing payloads in milliseconds , the same ones that can put in complete danger your system. An idea came right into my head, to start to develop an application that can protect your laptop against any Rubber Ducky attack , without having to turn off or disconnect all of the USB ports. With only turning on the protection we will be protected of the USB Rubber Ducky leaving on the ports for the free use of the rest of the USB systems that can get to be connected.

This is a tool that in a brief time we will set it free, currently it only works on lap tops that run operating systems of Microsoft Windows , supports are developing for MAC OSX,Linux.

Basically what we have to do is press a simple botton :


And ready ! You´re protected.

Shielducky, have been recommended in some security blogs.

Chema Alonso -España


HackingMexico -Mexico


We recommend you to follow us on Twitter , in a couple of days we will publish discharge linkage , and you can try the use of this tool:




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I'm currently unable to test it, but does it also work if the VID and PID have been changed?

GData also released a freeware tool to prevent Bad USB attacks.

But the best way to stay safe is to deactivate all USB. ^_^

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