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Pineapple USB: Enough juice to power hub + external Wifi + external ethernet?


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I've got my pineapple set up (mostly) the way I want with traffic between the two wireless interfaces being mirrored to a USB ethernet adapter running into a separate monitoring device. The throughput issue with wlan1 operating in client mode is really creating a problem, though. I ordered one of the USB wifi adapters from the hakshop but with only one USB host port on the pineapple I'm a little concerned about the power draw. Anyone know if I pick up a mini bus-powered USB hub if I could conceivably power the hub, the ethernet adapter, and the wifi adapter at the same time?

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Give it a try and see if it works. You will potentially need a powered hub for reliable operation.


I don't know all the schematics / data sheets etc, but say best case the USB port can supply 500mA - you are getting close. I think the pineapple has an internal USB hub to connect some internal modules such as the SD card etc so I don't know of the top of my head whether this comes out of the 500mA too.

Plus, running close to the rated maximum might provide stability / heat issues.

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I have Pineapple Juice 6800mAh and I have running wlan0 like an open access point, wlan2 like client, wlan3 like a WPA/WPA2 access point. I can turn on my pineapple and keep this wireless radios working perfectly without issue.

With your socket adapter or the batteries you can get all what you want for your test.

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The ALFA AWUS036NEH has a pretty low power draw, less than 200mA IIRC. I'm not sure about your specific usb ethernet adapter but I'd say give it a try on a spare hub and see. Oli is right, the MK5 has an internal usb hub to support the integrated realtek and micro SD card reader. There should be enough left over for both devices.

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