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Anyway to hack a 2.4GHz cordless phone to use over DSL for VoIP?


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I have a couple cordless phones, one in the 900MHz range and one in the 2.4GHz range that are just sitting collecting dust. I no longer have wired phone service so there's no way to use them unless someone knows a way to set them up for use with my DSL so I can make VoIP calls with them. I figured the 2.4GHz one would be easier since it's on the same freq. as my Router/Modem but I really know nothing about this kind of stuff. Anyone who does, I'd appreciate any info or links you could provide. Thanks.

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You could get a HackRF or any other cheap radio+transmitter, get it to talk DECT to the other cordless phone and direct the result into Asterisk.

Then again, the HackRF can probably put to better use and unless you have a LOT of these DECT handsets in actual use there are probably cheaper things to try... Oh yeah, and you need to develop quite a bit of code to get things going, I'd imagine....

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You can get DECT cards, Com-on-Air is probably the best known company, also the cheapest (sub £20). You would need a 2.4GHz one and a second 900MHz, then have that talk to a PBX. This would allow you to just use the handsets.

If you just want to get them up and running on VoIP, you can get Linksys PAP2T-NA, which allow your phone's, base station and all to be used for VoIP.

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