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Wireless access point -> Through OS with Charles Proxy APP -> Internet


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Hello there,

I'm trying for days now to get a setup working to recreate whats seen

in the docu "phreaked out" by vice motherboard with Samy Kamkar.

I wrote Samy and he told me to look into the Charles Proxy App, which

i did and it works... for the most part. So here is what im looking for.

For an Exibition i want to have a Wifi Hotspot/ Router which runs through

a Mac or vm Kali Linux (Whatever is easier to set up for this) where the

Charles Proxy App is running and from there to another router with an Internet

connection. Charles will be used and set up to map alternative news artikels

on some websites to display content only for those in the exibition.

I have a setup working where a the router is connected to a Mac with a shared

ethernet to wlan connection and Charles running. But there is no traffic going through

Charles. I think because the Ports 443 and 80 aren't redirected to 8888 which Charles


Anyone an idear or change in Setup to get this up and running?! would be great!


Docu Link

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