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Wifi Pineapple Juice 1800 - charging


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Just ordered a Mark V Travel Bundle from Hakshop and it works perfect!

I have one problem:

WiFi Pineapple Mark V Travel Bundle does not come whit an Europe adapter for the Juice 1800 only for the Mark V,

I read on the forum that you can by an power adapter to convert it from US standard plug to Europe plug.

That seams like a hassle

My question is can you by an USB power cable from Hakshop (http://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/accessory/products/usb-power-cable) and use it to charge the Juice 1800 from my laptop?

Or is the Power adapter converter my only choice to be able to charge my Juice 1800 in Europe?

Kind regards

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Hi Quisty,

You can NOT use the USB to barrel power cable. You can also NOT use the PSU that comes with the WiFi Pineapple. This is because the battery charger has charging circuit logic built in.

The only way to make it work is to buy a simple (small) adapter. I suggest something like this. As you can see, it doesn't really add any bulk and is cheap as hell.

Best Regards,


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First of all thanks for the reply, so the USB power cable is just if you would like to power the Mark 5 from USB?


The thing is, you want to supply the WiFi Pineapple MKV with at least 5W of power, but should aim for 9-12W.

To do this over USB, you would need to have a USB port that can supply at least 2A. In testing, we have found that 5W is enough for normal use though. Just make sure your laptop has overdraw protection, otherwise weird things can happen (say you can only supply 0.5A and the pineapple wants 0.7, your machine could error out / stuff could break.

Best Regards,


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