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Pineapple keeps rebooting


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Hey guys,

My unit started recently rebooting on it's own or locking sometimes. Certain times when it starts I cannot see the infusions (installed on the sd) sometimes I can.

1. Can it be that the sd needs replaced or just reformatted?

2. If I get a different one, can I just replace it after I format it or do I need to copy something on it first?

Thank You.

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Hi Chaser,

What are you doing with your WiFi pineapple MKV when it crashes? How long does it usually take to crash?

If infusions randomly do not show up, it can very possibly be a defective / corrupt SD card. If you have a good (Best would be class10) SD card lying around, format it ext4 (or fat if you have to) and pop it in.

Of course, you will now have to re-install any infusions you had previously installed to the SD card again.

If you do not wish to put a new card in, you can try to reformat the current one. There is a way to do it over the webinterface (it is experimental as it does sometimes fail) by going to resources -> USB -> format SD. If that doesn't work, you can format it in your own devices. If that fails, you should try the above.

If all of this fails though, I suggest you re-flash your device by following the instructions here.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Sebkinne,

I rebooted again and uninstalled all infusions and reinstalled again just the ones I am using and it seems to be stable now as far as rebooting. It was rebooting by itself without me running anything really on it, just logged into the interface.

I will repost here if it happens again.

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I don't know if this is related but in case it is and others will read this later, coincidentally it started first rebooting itself after I installed the pineapple stats infusion and now when it's stable I don't have it installed. i also remember after removing the infusions I had to manually remove a reboot script from crontab that the infusion left behind. Here are some other people that seem to share the story:


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