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Searching for IMSI-TMSI-(alternatives) with Airprobe

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Hi all,

I'm trying to get an installation of gnuradio-RTLSDR-Airprobe to decode GSM frames, in order to identify mobile devices that exchange information in those frames.

Recently achieved the complete installation in a Kali distribution, but now I have some problems with the data collection.

But what I would really like to know (to be prepared) whether you can see in wireshark decoded frames in any number that uniquely identifies the mobile devices, such as IMSI, TMSI, etc. Because so far I've only seen the LAC, MNC and MCC numbers in video tutorials.

Thank you

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I'm not sure, but I know you will only see a TMSI if the mobile device it outside of it's "Home Area". So it would be rare to see a TMSI. The home area is different per carrier of where the boundaries are.

And what about any other number besides TMSI??? I mean, it shows LAC, MNC and MCC!!!, maybe shows any others identifiers that I can use to count mobile devices in a cell. Thats what I need. Thanks

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