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Monitoring WiFi Pineapple V from iPhone/iPad


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I will use my Wifi Pineapple Mark V without the RJ-45 connection. So that when i go out with the pineapple i can make a Monitoring on my Iphone. (The pineapple is physical only connect with the power from the storage battery)

With my Hardware i hope i can make a huawei Network in which is the pineapple on wlan1 and my device like iPhone.

I know that i have to use an hub and not a switch for the Network traffic. Maybe the huawei is not the right hardware?

How i can make my Monitoring?

My Hardware:

-Wifi Pineapple Mark V

-Huawei Mobile WiFi E5776 with SIM-Card

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The pineapple create his own wifi.
Then you can "admin it" by any webrowser (I think you already know that)

Also you could download a ssh client from de GoogleStore if you don't want to use the web GUI from he MarkV
(perhaps the preferred choice for you shema type)

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