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Bigfoot's "Killer" NIC


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For those of you who haven't had the comedic encounter with Bigfoot's "overlocked," "gamer-oriented" network card:


That's right, folks! For a mere $280, you can completely disregard the laws of physics! Shave hundreds of milliseconds off your round-trip response time through a dozen graphically disparate routers by enabling TCP/IP checksum offloading on the local link!

Anandtech even has an eleven-page product review, without those annoying buzzwords like "baseline" or "control group". Hell, why bother measuring in confusing terms like "bitrate" and "error count" when we can measure the frames per second in random, multiplayer Battlefield 2?!

I kid you not, read the review. I, for one, have completely lost faith in Anandtech as an independent reviewer.

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I have yet to see a non-biased realistic review for this thing, it's either the reviewers are saying this is the NIC that Jesus would use or that it's not even good enough for a Christmas Tree decoration. It certainly seems like bullshit in attractive packing with a oversized pricetag on it. But I still find it hard to believe that a company would do all the R&D and marketing to sell something out of most peoples price range for an NIC, and yet the product apparently offers no significant benefit for gaming at all.

Regardless I won't be rushing out to buy one anytime soon. Instead of wasting our money on this why doesn't everyone just donate their $280 towards getting fibre to your doorstep?

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The most unfortunate and scary part, is I am sure that there are people who would drop the coin to get it. I can't imagine what the support calls would like.

I guess I should reserve judgment until someone I know and trust reviews it, needless to say; I am skeptical.

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True dat... but if I had cash to burn, I'd rather spend it on server grade kit that over priced gamer kit. One thing i have noticed is that hardware designed for buisness users is always better quality, not nessacarly faster though, just solid and reliable.

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