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can i port forward 25565 to use meterpreter on metasploit?


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i know people need to port forward something like 4444 with TCP to their interior IP address to be able to use a reverse TCP with meterpreter on systems outside of their network, so could i port forward any port and have it work? i want to use the port 25565 (long story short, im 18 and my parents restrict me from going into the router settings so im in the process of telling my stepdad i need it forwarded for minecraft and he knows a lot about networks so its a stretch to tell him that i need it to be TCP and not UDP and if i show him an article of minecraft needing a 25565 port he'll believe me. im not trying to hack anyone, this is just so i can get the knowledge of how all this stuff works). ive tested the payload/meterpreter/etc thing on a virtual machine on my computer and works just fine so the only thing i need is to forward the ports.

so bottom line, can i port forward port 25565 to use a reverse TCP payload on someone outside my network? (my friend is helping me test it)

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I'm going to guess you are new to networking, connecting to anything internal on your network will require some rule to allow an external device to connect to an internal one, just like opening a port for ssh. Home routers just happen to make this process easy for you!

To keep it simple, yes forward whatever tcp port you want and have the payload connect to it on that port.

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