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[Suggestions Needed] Mark V Cheat Sheet


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I just got my MKV this week and I keep finding myself scouring the forums for specifics commands, settings, definitions etc, so I thought I would come up with a cheat sheet, something you could maybe print on a Letter or A4 paper to keep with you.

I have a few ideas and started a Google Doc spreadsheet. Please if you would like to contribute to this sheet you can give me some ideas and I will add them.

This is the first time I'm making one of these so of course if you have any formatting suggestions for the sheet/layout let me know too!


- mzac

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Yes, I am aware of the wiki however all the info I was looking for ins't condensed onto one simple to print page, but I will take your suggestion and I will be adding some official links to my cheat sheet :)

May I suggest that you add articles to the wiki? It makes sharing and adding of information easier!

Best regards,


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