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MultiUser Occupineapple?


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hey, just got my MarkV in and looking to create an infusion for the following:

A multi-user setup for Occupineapple, where each device/person connecting to one of the fake APs will land on a (captive portal) page, on which he or she can add an entry to the SSID list, thus creating a collaboratively edited flood of SSIDs ;)

I know it's somewhat problematic to open up the .list file for editing via HTTP, and also refreshing the list to reflect newly added SSIDs might be an issue...

Just thought before I dive into this I'd post the idea here in case some of you have any suggestions in best practice i.e. how to go about this,


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We're currently trying to set up an Evilportal alongside Occupineapple/MDK3, so that the user(s) may land in the portal to add to the list used by Occupineapple.... however it seems impossible to run both infusions side-by-side in their standard configurations.

Any suggestions on this?

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thanks for the reply Sebkinne,

could you maybe elaborate on how Evilportal and Occupineapple can run together?

Would Evilportal need to be configured to be on something else than 'br-lan' for example?

Right now I've pretty much tried every option in configuring and starting one after the other but everytime both infusions are up something breaks, i.e. either Occupineapple stays up but no portal, or no portal and no SSID list...

Sorry for all the questions but just getting into this ;)

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A slightly more comprehensive explanation perhaps:

I've been trying to run Occupineapple alongside Evilportal to create a multi user environment for editing the Occupineapple SSID list, where 'input_SSID' would run the captive portal for people to connect to (with some PHP to append entries to the list file), and then Occupineapple (on wlan1) spits everything out when the list is refreshed. (like mentioned above I've had no luck so far running both infusions side-by-side)

Alternatively, would it be possible to run a capture script (PHP) on the Pineapple when Occupineapple is run with a list containing it's own MAC address (.mlist), instead of trying to do this with Evilportal?

What could/would be the best or most stable option for this?


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