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Stuck in setup loop


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Pineapple arrived today and was able to logon ok.

I then connected to my AP and did a firmware update.

The firmware update appeared to work OK, the system rebooted and prompted to set a password again.

Now it appears to be stuck in a setup loop

Where it directs to:

where you put in a password and continue

then at:

It prompts that the password was set successfully, the system is now completing the setup, if you click continue it directs back to:

Click on continue and it redirects back to the password page again...

I have tried the Unbricking a bricked... MK5 Recovery with the 1.2.0.bin file

But it still seems to be stuck in a setup loop.

Suggestions welcome as to a possible solution please.

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Use the Recovery Web Interface steps to reflash with Factory-2.0.3.bin from your computer using static IP direct login process. https://wifipineapple.com/index.php?downloads&download_mk5_upgrade=2.0.3 and you should be good. (don't forget to put the DIP switches back to default boot). :cool:

Bu´t isnt't that file an "UPGRADE"-file and not a FACTORY-File like the factory-1.2.0.bin??? The Recovery web interface does not accept Upgrade-bins?!?!

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