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What Wi-Fi antennas do you like to use?

WiFi Cowboy

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Due to distance you'll probably prefer directional and preferably sensitive/powerful so you can handle going through a wall or two.

Here are some options you can use. Pick one depending on the size and to what extent it's necessary for you to hide it.




And yes, when it comes to Wifi, Andrew McNeil is my hero.

1. Biquad Yagi (new PCB version)

2. Double Biquad

3. Cantenna

They are my top 3 but I am biased when it comes to the BY. Its been more than a few years since I last logged on to the forum (forgot my old user name and password). Glad you find my videos helpful its why I started making them but hero worship can be bad for your health LOL.

regards Andrew

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I was always told that you should never meet your heroes - something I know to be BS because even this very year I've met Andrew S. Tanenbaum and the man's awesome.

Personally, I was really late to the wifi game so I need to catch up on making antennas. Your videos are a godsend - not too slow, not too fast and with a touch of humour thrown in.

I did notice the PCB biquad yagi design and I'm thinking one could make that just as easily with some copper tape stuck onto that double-diamond shape produced by a 3D printer and slid into notches on some sort of stabilizer which would also come out of a 3D printer (I'm planning on buying such a thing for another project and figure I might aswell try to get more use out of it).

Your modesty suits you and is very much in line with the laid back vibe I'm getting from your videos, but the bottom line is that when I'm looking for antenna making howto's, your youtube channel is my first and probably only stop. So indeed thank you very much for making those video's. They're highly appreciated.

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