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UPDATE: Heheh so far ... http://rmccurdy.com/upload1/IBM_EMU_10b.zip

REX file on full auto sounds real ! : http://www.crlcontracting.com/files/ibm_EMUwav.mp3

UPDATE: SCRIPT COMPLETE : Frolics With Scissors ( http://www.mybluefunk.com/gallery/albums/a...03320.sized.jpg ) is getting me samples ! if you would like to submit your IBM KEYBOARD samples please PM ME !


I will keep this post updated.

It should be working by WED night.

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If that guy is the real IronGeek, he just went from elevated status of enlightened hacker to a bottomdwelling noob!

If I ever write something like that, please:

1) Shoot me

2) Make sure I never EVER put it online. The shame would be unbearable.

I mean, at the very, VERY least, he should've made a table in memory that mapped a pressed key to a string that should be written to the file. That alone would chop 70% of this awful, AWFUL code off.

Other thoughs:

- The correct order is includes, defines, constants, forward declarations, functions.

- Fixed values are declared using "[static] const <type> <name> = <value>;". Using a define for that is just ugly.

- The main function goes at the bottom of the file.

- Check your return values!!! Allocating memory can fail.

- He double-opens the file.

- What's with the constant opening and closing of the file? Ever heard of fflush() ? ftruncate?

I'm stopping before my brain rots.

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Some of your points are preference. There is no 'correct' order of coding. The main() function doesn't have to go at the bottom.

Some preference? Absolutely.

But as far as the order goes, he's putting a forward declaration before and after the defines. Not grouping them could be a point of stylistic preference, but not one that would get you employed.

The main function at the bottom I feel is just good style, and would prevent you from having to do those forward declarations in the first place (which is another stylistic preference. I don't like using forward declarations).

Using define instead of const is primarily ugly because they do 2 very different things and you could potentially get bitten by the former without realizing it. Defines have their place, and this isn't it.

I'm sure it works, but I wouldn't post this code, personally.

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That is the real Irongeek and he admits himself "Please be forgiving, I’m a sucky C coder." in the first post.

fuck it ill use winbatch then you will really hate me

Ummm what? Guess I lost track of the conversation, I think Irongeek is great guy, judging from the very, very limited conversations that I have had with him. I was just pointing out that the post (on Binrev) was the real Irongeek and he said himself that he wasn't great at programing C. I wasn't taking a shot at him, I can't even program VB anymore so I have NO room to talk, I thought Cooper might like to know he said that as a way of responding to his critique of the code. I haven't had coffee this morning, so if I'm reading to much into this forgive me.

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