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Unable to charge the Pineapple Juice 6800


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I just bought a WiFi Pineapple and and battery, but I haven't been able to get the battery to charge.

I have the Pineapple Juice 6800. I plug the charger into the wall and the battery pack. A red light by the IN port of the battery pack lights up, and I turn the battery pack ON (according to the instructions). If I were to press the LED charge indicator button, all the indicator lights light up. I left it like this for a day, when I came back, I unplugged the charger. The switch was still in the ON position, but nothing happens when I press the LED indicator lights. The Wifi Pineapple also doesn't get any power when plugged into the battery pack.

I thought maybe it was a defective unit, so Hak5 sent me another unit, but it has the same problem. Has anyone encountered an issue like this before?

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