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Keyboard Disconnect?


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When I get a rubber ducky (due to the store being out of stock), I want to make a code that will run without being interrupted.

Is it possible to make Ducky disconnect the keyboard and mouse, then when the code finishes, it reconnects them and then wipes code, etc.?

If this is possible can anyone help me. (I'm being proactive and making scripts before I get my ducky.)

And also, does anyone know how often they restock? Trying to get a Ducky and I'm in the UK.

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Not in any quick, easy and reliable manner AFAIK. Some devices (not all) can be disabled via WinAPI but probably more hassle that required.

What would maybe better is to use auto correcting "scripts", however these are not supported on the Ducky.

Edited to add: hopefully they are out of stock as they are being replaced with a pineapple add-odd board that supports Rubber Ducky functionality rather than the thing on the slide at DEFCON!

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I'm sure that they will be in stock again - I'm just saying that as the add-board is essentially 90% of the way to being a ducky, it would have been nice to have that option and move on from the outdated current Ducky hardware.

"add-on board with a small form factor" + "slightly better Atmel chip (ATMEGA32U4)" + "USB connector" = an awesome rubber ducky enhancement

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A board to expand the capabilities of the WiFi Pineapple. It was announced during DEFCON and should be available "soon".

Essentially just an Arduino that can be programmed via the Pineapple and allows you to add additional hardware.

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I know that HowToGeeks have a post about a Keyboard Locker made in AutoHotKey. It works fantastically. As for a mouse stopper, well, I know there are features like this for Laptops, so have a look around, I know you'll be able to find something.

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