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Running my own mail servers.

That realy is the way to go, trouble is, you have to maintain it your self, keep the software upto date and sort out your own spam filters. Thats alot of work (unless you have the time it needs), and requieres alot of continues work to ensure:

You havn't been hacked and are spamming the world

You have reduced the chance of been hacked as low as it will go

The big advantage with this of course is that you have complete control of your email. If some one asks Google for all your emails chances are they will say "Give us a good reason and some evidence to prove your reason". After that, even if you deleted your google account, all your email belong to google.

Key points I'm trying to make clear in this post:

Host your own mail server advantages:

You have complete control over your email


It's alot of work and if your server gets hacked every one, especily your ISP, will hate you

Using a companies service for all your email advantage:

Damn easy to set up and use

practically no maintenance time required


The service provider controls your email, if they decide they don't like you, suddenly you can't get at any of your email.

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farward all your email to a single Google acount, setup "send as", labels and rules on that google acount, and now you only have to login to one interface to access all your email. ;)

sweet. i'll try that. do you know if it'll work on yahoo as well?

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If yahoo allow you to forward all your email to a different address, it will. The tricky bit is (particularly if you have allot of accounts) setting up the rules so it can spot which emails where sent to which user account. Usualy when a server farwards a email automaticly, it leaves the headers completely unchanged so you can spot them easily with the "to" address.

However, some email server software (naming one, for example, MS exchange server) will change the headers so the to address is now the address that the email was sent to originally. So you have to watch out for things like that.

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i primarily use my university's email, with portable thunderbird

but also gmail and.... windows live mail

i mostly try not to use the hotmail one because gmail is better, seriously, windows live mail beta sucks balls, but people on my msn list email me there sometimes

the problem with gmail is that i always get context related adds. so people, USE PGP so that google and the NSA and the 5 other groups that are all reading and archiving our emails can't invade our personal space.

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