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Recommend Rubber Ducky?


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Perhaps, to support Hak5 or if you need a (way too) basic scripting language.

I accidentally broke my Ducky and there is no way that I'd replace it. Buy a Teensy would be my honest advice (presuming that you have at least a bit of programming experience). Or, even a Leonardo would do fine if you don't need something as 'stealthy' and just want to play with the HID attack vector concept.

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I seriously think that the reason people's ducky's don't work is because the SD Cards need to be formatted. My ducky didn't work the first time, but what I did was simply format the SD Card, try using the Duck Toolkit made by 411, and also use different SD cards in the first place. Make sure the driver for the ducky installs on your computer first. Then try the ducky.

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