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I use Firefox 2.0 on two different machines and Opera on my Blackberry and get the same issue.

I know when it is going to happen when I have to log in twice. The first time I log in, it redirects to the root of the forum however Im not logged in. Once I log in again, everything is marked as if I have read it.

The only way I know of fixing it is to close Firefox completely (Which deletes the cache/cookies/etc) or Ctrl+Shift+Del then come back to the forum.

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I think there might be issues with the forum itself, however it never seems to effect everyone at once. What I would try doing is deleting your cache, cookies and any stored passwords. Then set it up again.

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its an issue with the forum software, i have found that if i login by clicking on post new topic then it doesnt affect me at all (I have this problem on another forum if i dont login that way, and i have found that seems to be the only thing that stops it from happening)

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I found what makes it happen on my system after it happened quite a few times;

If you are logged on here then you open a second window with Hak5 forums in you're fine...

However, if you the close the second window it clears your unread posts.

So if I have Hak5 forums open and I'm reading a thread then someone pastes a link to a topic in mIRC it will open a second Hak5 window. I can continue browsing as normal.

If I then close the browser window that mIRC spawned it will mark everything as 'read' in the first window.

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