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Changing Antennae


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So, I have a 9DBi onmi that I can fit to either of the radio's. The question is, which one will give better results?

If I boost the Atheros (AP) then I'll get people further away able to connect to it, what are the advantages of connecting it to the RTL radio?


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PineAP uses different interface for different modules.

wlan0 Karma and Harvester. Advantage: better signal for connecting clients, greater ability to harvest ESSIDs.

wlan1 Dogma and Beacon Reply. Advantage: better signal for targeted or response beacons. Increased reconnaissance range.

wlan2 (optional) Client Mode. Advantage: greater signal to nearby AP.

Depending on what you're going for it could be any of the three. For me the use cases for enhancing wlan0 is gathering more clients.

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