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Any documentation?


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Got my MkV at DefCon and updated it so it now supports PineAP :)

It's not the easiest thing to figure out though without any documentation. I understand what the two radios do and what the Beacon response, Karma, Dogma, Harvester etc do.

I'm having trouble connecting the MkV to the internet though, if I connect it to my WiFi then I loose the ability to manage it over WiFi and can only manage it via a wired connection to my Mac. Is that right?

I also have the optional Alfa USB Radio. If I connect that then I can't connect to the AP that I had setup in the MkV.

Ideally, I want to use Karma and PineAP with client mode to provide internet access to my 'test subjects' and I want to manage it all over WiFi. I would guess that's possible but I just can't figure it out. I've watched the Youtube videos I can find but there's not much on the 2.0.2/3 firmware yet :)

Anyone know of any current or impending documentation that will be released?

Finally, how do I install Infusions onto the SD card? I only get the option to install them to the internal memory, so when I flash it I loose them.

Cheers guys!

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Yes you can still manage your pineapple over Wifi and connect one of your wifi adapters, preferably your Alfa for internet speed to your client network via the Client network link. For the SD Card you will need to go to Resources -> USB Info -> Format SD Card. If you don't see it right away after the format try a fresh reboot.

I recommend watching some of the earlier Hak5 Episodes late 2013 that cover some creative ways to use the Pineapple router, but will also help you with some of the other network and wireless configuration options.

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OK, I think I've managed to get somewhere thanks to this quote from Seb.

"If you blacklist any of your devices, they will not only NOT be Karma'd, but they will also not be able to join the WiFi Pineapple MKV's AP."

I did not want my Mac to be Karma'd so I added the MAC address into the blacklist hence the no access :) When I plugged in the WLAN2 Alfa radio and used that for client mode, as it's on the same WiFi as the Mac I can connect to it over Wifi on the network!

Thanks for the help.

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